Tuesday, December 04, 2007

still life with rapefruits

worthy reading... can you laugh?
Saved people who rape, rape accidentally. On the other hand, "By their fruits ye shall know them," as Jesus said in Matthew 7:16. So that saved people who rape must have many hidden fruits that are delicious and that somehow outweigh the bad, accidental rape-fruits.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Oceanic Letter

Oceanic Letter (loosely translated by Kombinat! For Tom Matrullo)

I will never come back here. As a souvenir I throw
into the ocean's bay an empty bottle after fine port wine
I got with the last of found change.
Maybe in time the bottle will clog the aorta

of the world, if one is to believe, that similar to us
its system of veins of waters, streams and liquids,
and if to believe, that all our gazes flow
to their ends somehere, that somewhere end

the railroads, the cables, the bannisters, that at the end
one finds that damn washing machine full of
missing socks. And when it finaly arrives there,
I will already be placed

in the lounge chair made of stars, and even if the world
will not stop flowing, at least it will feel a stab in the heart.

(Polish original by Tomasza Rozycki)

List oceaniczny

Juz nigdy tu nie wróce. Wrzucam na pamiatke
do zatoki butelke po wytrawnym porto
kupiona za ostatnie znalezione drobne,
moze ona po latach zatka gdzies aorte

swiata, jezeli wierzyc, ze ma on podobny
do naszego swój krwiobieg wód, wódek i plynów,
i jezeli uwierzyc, ze gdzies w koncu plyna
wszystkie nasze spojrzenia, ze gdzies tam sie koncza

tory, kable, porecze, ze na koncu wreszcie
jest ta cholerna szafa, gdzie znajduja sie wszelkie
zgubione rekawiczki. Kiedy tam doplynie,
ja bede juz zajmowal rozkladane miejsce

w miedzygwiezdnej salonce, i choc nie zatrzyma
sie przez nia swiat, przynajmniej zakluje go serce.

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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Public Announcement of the Day

"squeaks, crackles, nervous cries, every country sends its lies" Citizen GC


Velcom all you weeeerry travleers of the Interneds. Please stop by. Refresh yourself before you continue on the journey on to other more interesting websites. Thank you. Move along when you are done resting here. Shush Shush! I say!.